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Rosecombs In Canada

We would love to have more breeders and Rosecomb Bantam Federation members in Canada. The yearly dues are modest ($10 US a year) and other members are always willing to give new members a helping hand with questions and advice on how to raise and show this sprightly little aristocrat of bantams.

If you would like to become a Canadian member of the Rosecomb Bantam Federation please download the membership form (pdf), fill it in and send it along with your dues to:

Rosecomb Bantam Federation
c/o Steve Beaty, Secretary
PO Box 568
Portales, NM 88130

I would also like to use this page as a listing of rosecomb breeders across Canada. If you would like to be listed please email me with the colors of rosecombs you raise and contact information where people can reach you at (email is most recommended).


Black Rosecomb Hen

Canadian Rosecomb Breeders
Name Location Colours Email/Web
Shannon Doane Nova Scotia Black, White, Blue, Splash Contact
Jim Brimicombe Nova Scotia Black, BrownRed, Black Breasted Red Contact
Perry Schofield Alberta Black, Blue, White Contact

"Rosecomb Bantams--those Beautiful Little Aristocrats of the bantam world. A properly bred Rosecomb in top condition is a bird to reckon with on Champion Row.

The Rosecomb Bantam Federation is rich with tradition from the past. I invite you to become a part of our great Federation and help return the Rosecomb Bantam to the forefront of our fancy."

- Billy Garrison, Rosecomb Bantam Federation

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