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Rosecombs - A Breeders Prospective

Welcome to the Rosecomb Bantam section of my web site. I hope this area will be of use to both new and experienced breeders alike and help promote this beautiful true bantam.

Right now my flock consists of black, white blue and splash rosecombs. The project I am currently working on is to improve my whites to a degree where they will one day be competitive with the black rosecombs. I hope to keep track of my progress on the web site when time allows.

The Rosecomb has always been the breed of choice for me as it is challenging to raise but not impossibly inbred as some breeds have become over the years. When shown in peek condition they have a presence in the show that is rarely matched by any other breed. At home they each have there own distinct individual personality and it's not unusual to have a few of them follow you around the garden. I've even gone so far as to teach one to come when called and fly to my arm when signaled.

Another great web site for further information and pictures is the Rosecomb Bantam Federation

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