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Birds For Sale

As with many breeders I usually raise more birds than I can keep in a year. As a result I will probably have lots of wonderful pet quality birds for sale near the middle of summer and breeders for sale in the fall.

Pet birds: are healthy, active and a pleasure to have around, they just don't quite make the show quality cut.

Breeders: are birds that would make good start-up birds for someone thinking of trying out rosecombs. They are not 'perfect' Black Rosecomb Rooster(there are no perfect birds) but are generally good quality all round that can be shown.

Show birds: These guys can be shown and used for breeding. These guys generally do not have any major faults and are overall pretty nice birds.

Note: There is no such thing as a 'perfect' bird, any bird you get will always have something you wish you could change and make better.

Birds For Sale - If you are interested in purchasing birds please drop me an email for availability.

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