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Other Chicken Stuff - My Pet Chickens

I've always enjoyed having chickens around and my coop is not only made up of my show birds, but a large number of pet birds as well.

One of the breeds that I've just recently added to my coop are Modern Game bantams. I must say they have got to be some of the most enjoyable birds to have hanging around as any chickens I've ever had. I've never seen any breed to be more curious or inquisitive. If you’re out in the yard they are always there to check out what your doing. If someone comes up to visit they’re always there to see who it is and it’s not unusual to have one fly up on your shoulder…or someone else’s shoulder for that matter.

Obstacles do not get in their way either. I was up on the roof one day and watched one of the Modern Game hens climb up the ladder onto the roof to check out what I was doing. After making sure everything was to her liking she flew back down to the ground. I was cleaning out my car one day and went into the house to get something only to come back out to find all three Moderns sitting in the back of the car! Yup they are definitely the clowns of the barnyard and are fondly referred to as the three Long Legged Freaks.

Some of my other more typical pet chickens are a pair of Millie Fleur Booted Bantam hens, a Black Cochin hen, two Wyandotte large fowl hens and a particularly sweet Black Old English Game hen names Squirt.

Update - Jan 21, 2007

Well, the freaks were up to their typical antics again. They can't wait to be fed in the mornings.... literally. Instead of waiting for the feed to be passed out like the rest of the chickens, they jump in the feed bin as soon as it's opened!

I also went to put up a new roost in the coop this weekend. Trying to hold the roost above my head, in place and nail it to the wall is not easy in itself....it's even harder with the weight of a certain Modern Game named Friday sitting on same said roost looking me in the eye as if to say "hey...watcha doing?" Nope....couldn't even wait for the nails to be driven into the boards before he was testing it out....silly chicken.

The three Long Legged Freaks checking out the mess in my car.


One of my Hamburg hens (Domino) helping herself to treats under the bird feeder.


This is Freaky Friday (Friday for short) I took the camera out to take a picture of him and of course he has to come check everything out.


This in one of the two Modern Game hens that makes up my trio. Her name is Saturday and the other hen is Sunday. Here she's just been raiding the bird feeder for treats. They even chased away the pheasants!


This is Squirt, my pet OEG helping herself to my dinner after having a bath in preparation for a show. Don't turn your back on these little guys, they get into everything!


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